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Water Technology

The design of technology for water supply and treatment urgently requires the innovation that fundamental scientific breakthroughs can deliver.

In the Developed World, the engineers of the industrial revolution bequeathed us magnificent water infrastructure. But it is now aged, faulty, expensive to maintain, costly to run, energy guzzling and, consequently, unsustainable. The UK’s problem’s pale into insignificance in comparison with those of many other parts of Europe and, especially, the Developing World. It is estimated that within 25 years, water demand in many countries will exceed supply by an estimated 40%, with one-third of humanity having half the water required for life’s basics. The environmental consequences of tackling this Global challenge using present day energy demanding technologies would be disastrous.

Thus, as the Developed World and the Global South are being forced to plan sustainable solutions to water supply and treatment problems, there is an opportunity to propose radically new technologies. The University of Glasgow is exploiting its fundamental science base to tackle prosaic but important problems in optimising legacy infrastructure and developing new ways of delivering sustainable clean water and a clean environment for all.

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