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Predicting the drinking water microbiome

Predicting the drinking water microbiome

Despite vigorous treatment, every litre of drinking water contains tens of millions of taxonomically diverse microbial cells. The image below shows microbial cell aggregates from drinking water filtered onto a membrane surface. These microbes can affect (1) human health by causing diseases, (2) damage infrastructure through microbially induced corrosion, and (3) generate by-products that reduce the efficacy of disinfectants and deteriorate the aesthetic quality of water. With support from EPSRC   and in collaboration with Scottish Water, we are applying molecular biology tools and ecological theory to develop a predictive framework for microbial management in drinking water systems to ensure cost-effective uninterrupted supply of safe and healthy water to customers.

Funded by: EPSRC
Principal Investigators: Dr Ameet Pinto
More Information: EPSRC Details of Grant
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