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Environment news: NERC International Opportunities Grant funded

Prof. Susan Waldron and her collaborator, Dr. Ralph Burton of the NERC Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, have been awarded a NERC International Opportunities Fund pump-priming grant for field research in Malaysia (2014-15). Working with partners in Malaysia, they will use sensor technology to measure changes in soil moisture that arise from draining soils for oil palm plantation. Such significant drainage will change soil moisture budgets and in turn how much water can be evaporated from the soil surface, surface heat fluxes and the development of the boundary layer (BL). The BL is the zone of atmospheric mixing immediately above the Earth’s surface and influences many things including weather and air pollution. Thus understanding its development and stability is important. The sensor data will i) refine a conceptual model for hydrology-oil palm-atmosphere boundary layer interaction and ii) inform a numerical process-based model of BL development that considers land use change for oil palm plantations.

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