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Bedforms and sediment transport in bedrock rivers

Bedforms and sediment transport in bedrock rivers

Sediment transport across bedrock river surfaces typically occurs at lower critical shear stresses than is the case for equivalent alluvial beds. Hence, grain interaction exerts a strong control over sediment transport rates, which are important for controlling the rates at which downstream dams fill with sediment, determining the nature of instream ecological niches, and driving long-term river incision. Experiments to date have demonstrated the nature of sediment patch formation and erosion over plane beds (upper image) and ongoing work is extending this to natural river beds (lower image, showing sediment accumulation over a 1:10 scale model of Trout Beck, northern England, during a Froude-scaled entrainment experiment). Parallel theoretical and empirical work is being undertaken to generalize this behavior.

Principal Investigator(s): Prof Trevor Hoey, Dr Manousos Valyrakis, Dr Rebecca Hodge (Durham University)
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