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Prof Trevor Hoey

Prof Trevor Hoey

My research has addressed fundamental processes of sediment transport over a range of timescales. The transport of mixed-size sediments by rivers has important consequences: numerical modelling (using current versions of my SEDROUT model developed almost two decades ago) has been used to develop understanding of sediment sorting in river systems, the impacts of tributaries on sediment and instream ecology, and potential consequences of climate change for large rivers.

I have applied this process understanding to bedrock rivers, in which sediment transport and its interactions with stream morphology and hydraulics differ from alluvial counterparts. One significance of bedrock rivers is that there are incision controls processes at a landscape scale: this has led to interest in how longer-term landscape processes can be inferred from sedimentary deposits (from their sedimentology and cosmogenic isotope concentrations), and how these impacts can be modelled.

Professor Hoey is also the Director of SAGES.

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