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Prof Denis Fischbacher-Smith

Prof Denis Fischbacher-Smith

Denis is the Deputy Director of the Adam Smith Business School and Director of Research. His main research interests span the main areas of the UK’s policy around resilience and converge around issues of prevention, protection and preparation. In specific terms, he has interests in the areas of: organisational and community resilience, risk, emergency planning, and crisis management; resilience policy in public management, especially in terms of critical infrastructure protection; adverse events in health care/patient safety; and complexity and organisational performance (especially around health care organisations and the emergency services). Much of his work has been carried out within the public sector and he has undertaken research with the Police, Fire, Health, and Ambulance Services, the Prison Service, and Local and National Government. Other work has been carried out with private sector organisations including a number of companies in the water, petrochemical and transportation sectors. He has been an adviser to the Government of Lesotho (in Southern Africa) on crisis preparedness, the UK’s Department of Health around issues of adverse events in health care, he was a tutor on the senior command course for the UK’s Prison Service, has been a regular speaker at the Emergency Planning College, and he has also worked with a number of regulatory bodies in the UK and Europe. His research has been funded by the ESRC, EPSRC, National Patient Safety Agency, and the DTi as well as a number of corporate and public sector organisations.

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