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Climate change, dwindling carbon based energy sources and population growth are all conspiring to make water one of the most ‘at risk’ natural resources and yet it is vital to all life on Earth. The University of Glasgow has staff working across Science, Engineering, Social Science, Medicine and the Arts to ensure that it is a centre of excellence in water research and teaching. They aim to deliver new water technologies, new understanding of water in the natural and built environment, innovation in the governance of water and better public health in Scotland and in the most vulnerable regions of the Globe.

Water @ Glasgow:

  •  Provides a central focus for water related research at Glasgow
  •  Promotes the development of sustainable water technologies and solutions
  •  Acts as a portal for industry to access water research at Glasgow
  •  Offers opportunities for collaborative research projects
  •  Provides a multidisciplinary team of academics for horizon scanning


Our Research Themes


We aim to bring the most up-to-date science to bear on the the development of novel sustainable water and environmental technologies. Engineers, biologists, chemists, physicists and social scientists from across the university are collaborating on delivering solutions to the Global Grand Challenge of sustainable clean water for all.
Theme leader: Prof Bill Sloan


We undertake research to better understand the sensitivity and resilience of our aquatic environment to environmental stressors such as climate change, water regulation and pollution. We develop models to describe these processes with the aim of alleviating adverse consequences for humankind and other living organisms.
Theme leader: Prof Susan Waldron

Governance & Economics

We draw together a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from across the College of Social Science. While having established expertise in water research in Scottish and UK settings, we are developing an international profile in our agenda and locations for research, especially in the areas of law, financial modelling and development studies.
Theme Leader: Prof John Finch

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